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The Mother Fighter

Im so sorry to say that Raghda from my film A Syrian Love Story has passed away today. She’d been in hospital having cancer treatment and just come home to family and had a totally unrelated aortic rupture last night. A massive shock to all her family and friends who are broken. She had recently posted about having fought Assad’s torturers in her time in Syria’s prison and had fought the cancer too. She was a fighter till the end. The ‘Mother fighter’ as Nadine Shah wrote in the song that celebrates her life.

A Syrian Love Story

A Syrian Love Story (2015)

Coming very soon… Filmed over 5 years, A Syrian Love Story charts an incredible odyssey to political freedom in the West. For Raghda and Amer, it is a journey of hope, dreams and despair: for the revolution, their homeland and each other. A Syrian Love Story has its World Premiere at the Sheffield Doc/Fest on Sunday 7th June 2015. More information to follow…

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