A Northern Soul (2018)

“Class and chance collide in Sean McAllister’s brilliant Sheffield Doc/Fest opening film, as young performers are guided through their home’s transformational year as UK city of culture” [Charlie Phillips, The Guardian]

City of Culture

Filmmaker Sean McAllister return to his hometown of Hull as Creative Director of the opening ceremony of the City of Culture celebrations, where he reflects on the changes to a city hit by cuts in public spending and divided by Brexit. The film follows local resident Steve Arnott, a struggling warehouse worker by day and hip-hop performer by night, who harbours his own creative dream.

“Back home in Hull, where I began, I have been filming Steve and wondering whether he can, against the odds, unlock the opportunities to build a better life? Is social mobility possible in cities like Hull? What role does culture have to play in this? How long can he hold onto his dreams for?” – Sean McAllister

“This is not a story we see enough, despite the heritage of British documentary in this space – a deeply explored character journey through poverty in which those affected tell their own stories with dignity and respect. We don’t see it enough because there aren’t many other film-makers like McAllister…” – © The Guardian

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A Northern Soul. BBC (2018)

World Premiere Thursday June 7, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018. A 10ft Films Ltd production for BBC2, with support from BFI awarding funds from the National Lottery, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Sharp House.

Director Sean McAllister, Producer Elhum Shakerifar & Sean McAllister, Cinematography Sean McAllister, Editing Johnny Burke, Music Terence Dunn.